Late MK IX tool kit with black flocking

Does anyone have a MK IX with the black flocking in the tool kit? If so, I would appreciate a photo of each tool kit and would like to know your chassis number. The MK 2 was introduced in October 1959 and it has the black flocking. I am wondering if the MK IX changed from green to black about the same time.
Steve in Denver

MK IX tool boxes have green flocking. You can get details of it and the tools in the JCNA booklet “Jaguar Tools and Tool Kits” Version 1.2, March 25, 2000.

Well, the March 25, 2000 tool book edition is the one that I wrote back then. There were several errors in, it so I had George remove it from the site.

I did see some old emails regarding this topic from Tom B and Ed N asking if anyone knew of the date change and never saw an answer.

I do know the MK IX went from the small tail light to the larger tail light, similar to the MK 2 tail light, in August 1959 at chassis nos. 772536-rhd and 791864-lhd. As the MK 2 was introduced in October 1959, the change in flocking color probably happened between those dates. But if anyone has a large tail light MK IX with the black flocked tool kit, please let us know what your chassis number is to help narrow this down.
Steve Kennedy

Thanks Steve
All the best

Just a Tail Light and Tool Box Update as of March 18, 2021

Tail Light Change from Small to Large
So far we have narrowed the tail light change from small to large tail lights to sometime the first part of September 1959, although prior research has told us that it was August 1959 at chassis numbers 772536-rhd and 791864-lhd. We have found 791772, produced August 31st with the small tail lights and that is 92 cars before 791864 where the change is indicated by the Jaguar Cars parts book. Jaguar only produced around 100 MK IXs a week so we are still researching this exact date. I asked Jaguar Cars for a Heritage Certificate or at least just the date 791864 was produced and because i do not own the car, they would not give me any information.

We have found 791882 with the big tail lights so again, the change was somewhere between 791864 and 791882, that’s somewhere between 18 cars that the change occurred. As 791882 was just a MK IX I found for sale on the internet, I can’t contact that owner.

Tool Box Flocking color change from Green to Black
Then for the change of the tool box flocking color from Green to Black, we have narrowed it down to sometime between 792680 (green) and 792719 (black) (39 cars apart) and know the production date for 792719 of Friday, March 25th, 1960.

I would like to hear from any and all MK IX owners around the world. Every input helps us narrow things down.

And a big Thanks to all the 30 some MK IX owners who have contacted me so far. Their input has been very helpful with this research. I have talked with many owners in the US, one with a Canadian MK IX, and some in France. Anyone, anywhere else in the world that can help, please contact me.

Steve Kennedy

Kudos on the research Steve. I have gained the impression of jaguar assembly in the early days that changes were dynamic. Tail lights might have been used as stock was available and I wonder if one can be sure of changes down to the particular car? My MkIX is a certified 1960 and the original flocking was green.

Here is what our research has shown so far. Anyone who can help narrow down when the boxes changed colors is appreciated.
792492, Green
792535, Black
792616BW, Black
792680BW, Green
792492 - Green
792535 - Black
792616 - Black
792680 - Green
792719 - Black, Friday, 25 March 1960
772868 - Green (RHD)
792924 - Green
792995 - Black

And an update on the tail light change from small to large, from JDHT
… chassis numbers 772536 BW and 791863 BW were manufactured on 11 September 1959.