Later model wheels on 1976 coupe

I have seen the Asteriod wheels on the early Coupe and someone in an earlier post advised the wheels would not fit.

Now that I have the wheels they indeed do no fit over the hub. Any advice? Looks like I will need to machine out the center of the front wheels to clear the bearing carrier Must be some other way. As I have seen these wheels on several early coupes.

No other way i’m afraid , if there is enough metal to be machined a good wheel shop can do it easily. What size are the rims , you may have to roll the inner guard lips (especially the rear ) for clearance as with out they will scrub.

Perhaps with spacers on these cars? Not that I would be promoting such an approach! It’s illegal in New South Wales as I understand it. Paul

Paul , Depending on the offset , spacers i think would not be an option , they would push the wheel further toward the wheel arch , i would expect . could be wrong .

And then there is the really important alignment question. Nothing more annoying than a vibrating steering wheel.

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To all who have responded. These are 18 X 8 stock Jaguar XJR wheels called “Astrroids”. Spacers are our as it would need to be about 1/2” thick and would require removal of the hub to install longer studs and would push the wheel and tire out past the fender lip on the front. The rear wheels fit beautifully with 235/50/18 tires. Plenty of clearance all around even if I lower the car 30mm.

So, the Asteroid wheels are installed. What I had to do was machine out the center opening to 2.45" to allow the wheel to slip over the stub axle. I then used a set of fake knock offs and milled the adapters to fit the wheels.

You said you milled the adapters. Which adapters exactly?

NOW… after a little time with these, any problems?

No problems. I had to open the inside of the adapter to fit over the hub and use epoxy to mount in the front wheels since there was too little “meat” left to use the setscrews.

Are there any pics or part #s for the adapters? Picking up some asteroids for my series 2 tomorrow. Will I need anything other than the machine work to bolt them up?

Are the front tires a different size? Did you have to roll the fenders at all?


I don’t have a photo of just the adapter. I have attached the photos I do have I bought the set on eBay and have included the ad. I think this might be the place I got them, but it is the same set for sure. I remember what I had to do was cut down the depth of the front adapters so they would not hit the bearing carrier in the front. That left nothing to for the set screws to bite into, so I JB Welded them in place. The spinners thread onto the adapter and secure with two set screws. All four tires are the same size, 245/50 18R(I think).

Hope this helps.

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