LCS Fuel Pump thread specification

What is the thread specification and type of fitting for the inlet and outlet fuel fittings on the SU LCS fuel pump? Is the thread male 3/8 BSPP or male 3/8 BSPT or what?

And what is the type of fitting that was original or works well today on the Mark V? The parts book looks like the fittings on the ends of the copper fuel lines should be male fittings (and olives?). My car has female fittings slid back along the fuel lines and black line hose-clamped to copper line and hose-clamped to BSPT barb fittings at pump inlet and outlet. And my car has no C.3649 Bracket, supporting Petrol Pump (Plate No. DZ.21). And there are no bracket bolt holes in the frame (see Plate C.13 on page C.19 of the Service Manual), rather the pump is mounted directly on the frame via holes positioned for the LCS pump mounting bolts.

3/8 BSPP female in the pump body is correct.
There is a place in San Diego called SU Rebuilders that sells all the right parts.



Mark V SU LCS fuel pump

Hose nipples were used with other later models, Mark 1 as I recall.

Sounds like yours may have lost it’s mounting bracket at some time.
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