Leaking coolant at electric fan thermoswitch bulb

Only After I stopped every other possible leak did coolant begin seeping around the bulb to grommet seal located on the water pump/ lower hose piece.
I do not need this switch. Any ideas on sealing this leak?

The most secure fix is to replace that inlet elbow with the later style that utilized a screw-in fan switch.

Something I should have thought of first. It just seemed sound before I stopped every other leak and got it nice, warm and pressurized.
Not sure how much I would have to take apart again to do that.
Anyone find a solid plug or? that would be easier.
Soo much want to take a road trip.

BTW the Fast ignition and new 20-50w has all the numbers right for such a crazy idea. Need coolant in the engine, staying in that is.

Mark Bailey

You could try one of those rubber-and-bolt freeze plugs, if you can find one the right size.

If you can find the later style intake elbow, I think it’s a snap to replace. Like, three bolts and one hose connection. Of course, you’d have to drain the coolant and refill afterward.