Leaking head bolts

Now that I’m finally getting the old eat type back together I seem to run into more and more issues. I noted staff to running the car for a while that the bolts on top of the head near the spark plugs has one of them leaking. I have never seen this before period I put its socket on it to try to turn it I did not go crazy and it did not seem like it was going to come out easily. Any ideas or recommendations would be appreciated.

I would suggest to drain coolant out of they system enough to take off bolt
Then take it off
Then clean it, its washer and the seat
Then put it back on with some sealant on both sides of the washer.
I would use loctite thread sealant just on both sides of the washer but others will suggest sealants that will also work

Dennis 69 OTS

Do not try to do that.

The threads under those plugs corrode and are very likely to strip, and getting them welded and repaired can be very difficult.

About the best course of action is to put your favourite cooling system sealant in and see if it fixes the problem. I’d use Bars Leaks, two bottles.


As Andrew suggests above

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I’ve seen this recommended before, and have wondered WHICH version of bars Leaks do you use? There’s like 4 different varieties. One with pellets, Please advise.

I put in the Evan’s coolant. I call them and they said you can put the bars leak in with that but I hate to do it and make that coolant all crapped up with that stuff. So I’m gonna wait and see what happens. It did get very hot once cause the fan didn’t kick on so I’m hoping now that if that doesn’t get the super hot that may be it won’t leak

Charles does it continue to leak once the engine is warmed up ? For well over 15 years on colder days I will get a dribble of coolant running down the RH side of the block in area between the front two cylinders. Once the engine gets some heat built up it stops quick. I keep a close eye on this spot in case it gets any worse. I also keep close eye on coolant level and for coolant appearing in the oil or oil in the coolant. So far there has been no change. It might be something you can live with if just a slight occasional leak. I am only going to use something like Bars Leak as a last resort.

68 E-type FHC

Thanks Dave, The car isn’t on the road yet and is still getting finished up. But I going to do as you suggest and do a wait and see.

Ive used the “liquid aluminum” version with good results. wondered the same as you while standing at the parts store. took a gamble with that and it helped my seeping from strange spots.

Bob F

Have you tried re-torquing the head nuts?
Dennis 69 OTS