Leaking oil from diff pinion seal on xk150

I’m doing frame off restoration on 58 xk150 dhc, with 3.54:1 rear. Removed and replaced the axles, oil seals, and axle bearings. Have removed pinion nut and flange, but now am stumped on how to remove the seals and bearing from pinion. I don’t want to remove the “guts” of the differential as it’s all in great shape and set up already.

Anyone have any hints, recommendations on how to go about the next step?

Edit, this is not true- You can’t remove the bearing without removing the pinion. (EDIT: That may not be true just for the outer bearing. You can get it out with a magnet)

With the flange removed, you can drive a screwdriver into the seal and pry it out.

The seal will be easy, the outer bearing is a bit of a challenge, but it can be done. It’s not a press fit, but it can be sticky.

So, you’re saying that it is easier all the way around to remove the pinion and then replace the parts? If that’s the case, then I need someone to tell me the best way to remove the pinion without messing anything else up! Please.

I assume you marked the nut and preferably took a rotational torque reading before undoing the pinion nut, but if you have only a leak, and no clear reason to remove the bearing, I have pulled these big seals screwing a self tapper into the outer metal case of the seal, and pulling with a slide hammer, replace the seal, bobs yr uncle

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If I knew something about cars, I would have done that, but sadly this is my first adventure into restoring any vehicle! Why not start on a classic! Did not mark the nut nor took a reading, as I didn’t know to do that, but I like what you said after that. I believe it is just the seal, and maybe don’t have to replace the bearing, as things move quite freely and are very solid.

Get yourself a reprint of the XK120, 140 & 150 Factory Service Manual.

That’s a good recommendation. I have the reprint of the Parts Catalog, but not that one.

There a quite a few post in the archives on this forum that will give you guidance on how to do this job, or just Youtube Jaguar Salisbury Pinion seal change

I am going to guess you undid the nut with some sort of impact gun

As you have stated you do not have much mechanical experience, probably best take some thought on doing up that nut, which can be over or under torqued

Actually, I made the recommended tool to stabilize the pinion and just undid it with a large socket. Took some manual effort, but it eventually came loose!