Leaky Trunk


I’m working on the same leaky trunk in my '90 Sovereign. 1st of all, go
the Archives in jag-lovers in type in “damp trunk” for modern. “Damp
trunk & modern” should make more sense when you go to the archives.

Pull the carpet. My problem is the water is coming in the “box” that is
between the bumper and the trunk. If you look down at the painted
surface outside the trunk you’ll see a plastic strip about 3" wide X the
width of the trunk opening, about 2 1/2 feet. Those 4 -5 screws are the
source of the water seeping into the “box” between the bumper and the
trunk on my car. The archives has a fellow with the same problem. He
fixed it by putting a few layers of tape over the metal that those 4-5
screws go into. It worked for him, not for me. I’ve now used a little
plumbers putty and it’s mostly fixed. I’m still getting a little water
coming in the back, bottom of the trunk.

I also took out the carpet the runs along the inside back of the trunk
(just below the latch) as well as the plastic strip that holds it down.
I can see lines where the water was coming in clearly, in this area.
I’ll put them back as soon as I fix the problem. Meanwhile, the rugs are
airing out.

Another potential source could be the gas filler gromet. That rubber
thing that catches any over flow when you gas up. There is a drain hole
that could be clogged. Make sure it’s not torn or full of leaves etc…
Let me know what you do. You’ll probably come up with a better solution.

RE: spam. I got a few. No big deal. What did annoy me, however, is the
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