Learning stuff I did not plan on learning today

Went to start Rene’s car on Saturday and it was dead as a door nail. Nothing. This lead to me learning that:

  1. the “remote post” jumper cable connections are a bit pointless.
  2. the location of the battery is not that different on the XK than it is on it’s grandfather, the XJS
  3. the battery is a little fiddly to remove
  4. the battery weighs 1 sh!t ton + about 17 lbs
  5. autozone stocks the correct battery.

Back together and no further drama and I am a tiny bit smarter.


The proper scientific definition of that exact weight is, “a metric f**k-ton.”


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Looks like a group 94 AGM battery. If not then a group 49 which is longer and heavier again. Do not ask me how I know, Please.