Leather restitch

I just got hold of a phone middle arm rest I had to re colour it from doeskin to magnolia, I noticed that the stitching has worn on the drivers side. Anyone on here ever re stitched these? If so what did you use.?

Dismantled it, now what, separate the leather sections. Or what? ``15599305532816964024463842467647


I had worn stitches in mine as well and I resorted in recovering the armrest with vinyl.
I left the leather in place and did not glue the vinyl as to be reversible if one day I decide otherwise…
Not as “posh” without the stitches but perfect colour-match and easier to clean (it’s the place that gets dirty the fastest…)

The only other way to fix it is to indeed separate it and re-stitch. You need a special sawing machine and you should stitch it a couple of millimeters further up as not to see the holes from the original stitching.
If you do it at the same place the holes will never match and it will look very messy.


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Take it to a saddle shop and see what they suggest.

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thanks guys…