Leather seat identification

Hi, I bought a 1972 XJ6 in the fall and it came with these seats (attached). I know these are not factory seats, but are they Jaguar seats?

The front mounts line up perfectly with the factory seat holes. The rears, however, required an adapter.

It even has the little lumbar support hand-pump.

Might be a long shot, but it would be great if someone on this forum could identify which car these seats came out of! I do not believe they are aftermarket, but I could be wrong…

I believe these are Fox body Mustang seats, circa 1990-1991.

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That’s EXACTLY what they are! Thank you Cedric!

Andre - They are actually very good looking seats. The back squab looks almost British. Has the same kind of padded look. I like em!!


I agree. If my mismatched XJ40 seats don’t work out for my S2 XJ12 I might look into these. How well did they fit?

I honestly would have never guessed these were Mustang seats. They look like they belong in an XJS.

And they fit great! Front studs line up with the factory floor holes. The rears use an adapter bracket. It looks like an aftermarket bracket that had multiple bolt hole locations (not some home fabbed piece). I would assume this bracket is readily available for these Mustang seats to fit into any car.

Here is a pic of how they fit:

These would be the correct ones, no?:

Your rear bench is beige, so black doesn‘t really match.

They look correct. Note that I have more, narrower pleats and wider pleats is ‘upmarket’.

The bench is a gold/blue dress, I’m seriously confused what colour it is. It is black in the shadows and olive from the sun I think.

If they fit great why not.

Can you show us a pic of the adapter bracket?

I’m actually still trying to figure out the color myself! I’m not sure if the rear bench was dyed to match the Mustang seats, our vice versa. The interior is “supposed” to represent the factory Dark Blue

Here is a pic of the plate install. Pretty simple device, really:

I already took the seats out and put factory original seats in. So if someone wants the brackets, I can mail them to you if you pay for shipping

This is the interior in its current state. correct seats. Everything has been properly dyed the factory Dark Blue to match. New door panels from John Skinner match perfectly.