LH Drive PROPER routing of MK2 speedometer cable 1964 MOD

Could someone post a photo, sketch or darn good description ( I am a “visual” person) of the PROPER routing of the speedometer cable under the car to the fitting at the gearbox. My car had a replacement cable when I purchased it and it was just hanging from the engine bay. I have the proper routing from the speedo to the clip just above the steering column. I am interested in the routing between the clip and the gearbox. I am particularly interested in how the cable gets from the left hand side of the car to the right side.

Thanks very much!


I don’t have a picture of what you need but offer this for information. For decades my 1965 LHD MOD 3.8S ran without an angle drive at the gearbox which meant the cable made a large loop under the car. This caused the cable to wear out every 15-20,000 miles causing the speedo needle to waver. Once I learned the there was supposed to be an angle drive at the gearbox and fitted one, the short life of the cable problem disappeared.

My car did not have an angle drive. Was it supposed to have one?