Light on warning buzzer

in my XJ 40 1990 Daimler, there in no buzzer if i leave the lights on. Maybe the buzzer is broken or it have been disabled by previous owners. Can someone suggest me where is the buzzer located and how can i troubleshoot it? i suppose it it controlled by the cpu?!

Does your ‘AUDIBLE WARNING’ loudspeaker in the column work for other sounds/warnings? (turn signals, key in ignition with door open etc.?)

No, the only sound i can ear is the gearbox not in park warning … no sound for seatbealts , key ingnition , turn signals… and lights on

I also have this issue on my 1990 xj40 daimler 4.0

I do NOT get any warning sounds. and when i use the turn signal it is baaarely audiable. way too quiet.

The Audible ‘loudspeaker’ (not really loud) is 64 Ohm, .3-.5 Watt 66 mm diameter.

Jaguar wants a lot of money but I bought 5 from an online company years ago for the price of one that Jaguar charged.

Just solder the wires onto the replacement speaker and go on with your life.

How can I reach the speaker, where is located?

IN THE COLUMN is the key phrase.

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yes i got it… as i could not see any speaker grill , i was wondering how to access at the speaker…

I’d also love to know on where this speaker is exactly :slight_smile:

I replaced the speaker years ago but only roughly remember where it was, however I found these diagrams on the Jag parts website that show it:

I replaced it with a similar speaker from amongst my hobby electronics junk, probably pulled out of an old battery-powered radio. The original speaker from my car had DBC2210 on the part number sticker, and the Jag website shows LMD2280AA and LMF2280AA as other options.

For the headlight reminder, note that this only sounds when the driver’s door opens, which means that you also need a working driver’s door latch sensor for it to function.

as when i open my door, the internal lights turn on, i suppose the drivers’ doot latch is working…