Lighting Issue for 2007 XK Map lights, Door Puddle Lights and Glove Box Light

Hello All: Thank you for allowing us to register.
Am wondering if anyone has had this issue. My 2007 XK map lights, door puddle lights and glove box light does not work. I have done the typical trouble shooting starting with the easier to the more difficult. Checked fuses (F12 if I recall is the fuse for this circuit), bulbs and lastly, source power with a multimeter. I will check continuity next, but am not solving the problem. I have not checked the map light bulbs as am not sure how to remove the ceiling cover to check them. I could use advice on that too so I can rule out a bulb issue. Could it be a processer item or relay or something else electrical?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Rick.

Hi Rick:

You need to re-direct your question to the Forum that deals with “modern” XKs, this one deals with the 1949-1960 variants.

I have moved the post to the more relevant forum, and welcome Rick, someone with greater knowledge on the later cars should be able to help soon.