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Good day! Am soon to be a new S3 XJ6 owner that found the “new” site subsequent to being provided a link to an extremely detailed electronic version of “Everything and then more than one should ever need to know about the S1,2,&3 XJ cars” Took me to your old site and spent an hour or more perusing the plethora of info. 10 or 11 days ago as I recall. Successfully negotiated the purchase of well preserved 87 XJ6 yesterday and went to study more deeply and was no longer able to bring the link back up. “This is a helpful link with more details:”. Found your new site, unable to locate the pdf however. Understand you are migrating from old to new in the cloud and am hopeful that this sort of information will become available in the not too distant future. Or if it already is, that finding it will become more intuitive for an old guy like me. Thanks in advance. John

Hi John,

Welcome to Jag-lovers!

Please try the link again, it was a temporary glitch and the page is available now. Perhaps also save the file (it’s a PDF file) to your computer, so you always have it handy.


Oh, and congratulations on the S3 XJ6 purchase! I had one myself, they are magnificent cars.

Good evening Gunnar,

Thank you so much for the quick and efficient response. Will definitely save the PDF this time. Fear I got caught up in my reading and inadvertently closed the window.

Thanks again,

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