Liquid droplets on windshield with air on

have some droplets of liiqiid on windshield with air on.

What could it be???
x type 2002 3.0

Are they water? Try blowing down the drain lines from the condenser.

Very likely the drains… or the air is just really damp and with the heat off, the windshield gets so cold that the air condenses. Or your heater core has a small leak.

Inside or outside? My XJ40 used to condense water on the outside due to the defrost vents not closing.

If the drops are water, then it is most probably plugged drains: If it is coolant, then it is a heater core leak.


those drops seem to be about 3/8", then dissipate after a while.

I don’t see any loolant loss.



Yes but WHERE are they? In or out of the car?

When was the last time you cleaned the glass? The plasticizer outgas from the plastics and create a film on the glass. The plasticizers will attract and hold moisture. You will see the moisture for a little bit and then it will evaporate.

I’ll check that out, assuming they where outside.



Were you able to find what the problem was? It’s handy for the others on here if we know what the cause and fix was.