Location of air horns on air cleaner on MK2

After seeing the incredible work that Lin had done to his air induction system, it got me thinking about less challenging ways I could improve air flow. If you’ll note how the Daimler with the V-8 has the air horns pointed towards the “colder” air in front of the engine. What if I cut off and sealed the holes of the current side sucking air horns and had them relocated towards the front of the air cleaner?? I need to check clearance issue and might have to shorten the horns but they would not be sucking in the VERY hot air right over the exhaust manifolds and hot air over the carb area.

All input is highly welcome. I am sure a fairly capable mig welding guy could handle this task and then I would have the entire assembly powder coasted in the Hammer rite paint.


Looking at this set up , if it was me , I would just cut back some of the inlet pipe , to get a bigger size alloy ducting pipe to fit , then root them to the front , coming out just in front of the front sub frame , maybe add a plastic air scoop , out of sight !s-l1600[1]