Location of brake fluid reservoir, RHD Mk2

Hi, I am slowly putting everything back on my 62 Mk2 auto. Looking at the brake fluid reservoir, it seems in standard location only about half the cylinder is above the master cylinder fluid input pipe at the top of the cylinder. Is that right? Would it be beneficial to move the reservoir to approximately where the clutch cylinder would be (mine is an auto) to get more fluid higher than the cylinder? Does it matter? cheers

Hi Moro
I have a similar setup and the only reason I can see for the location is the ease of filling just under the bonnet
The height of the reservoir means that the fluid is much higher than the master cylinder so IMO

original location is fine

Thanks Brian,
I did exactly the same. dont like it all that much, but it works and is functional, so why muck with it. cheers

PS… I like the louvred bonnet!!