Looking at an E-Type (Toronto area_... Help! :-) )

Hi Bruce,
I work part time at an E-Type restoration shop in Markham. We are currently working on five.
If you ever think you payed a lot for your car, think again.
These cars are a time consuming finicky PIA to restore. Years of incorrect repairs , new parts that don’t fit , mixed model years , an ever shrinking pool of specialist experts to draw on and as a result are VERY expensive and VERY slow to restore. It often seems everything is a fight.
So I commend you for buying a restored car you can enjoy.
Now you need to become the maintenance and expert upkeep mechanic for your car.
I can recommend Tom at Browns lane Jaguar if you need help. ( he is currently swamped )
It can be a nice journey.


@Keithmac - thanks for that - I’ll look Tom up - I have several recommendations for service, but another is always welcome! Yeah - when I bought this car, I cleaved to the saying “There is nothing more expensive than a cheap E Type”… :joy:

I’d love to pop up and see the shop you work at at some point… I sketch, and love doing sketches of “works in progress”… here’s a recent posting from my site - from last years Jag show at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum:

Cheers - B


@Keithmac - sorry - didn’t want to be presumptuous… just love to get the opportunity to see the cars in their “natural environments” (one of them at least!). If a visit is an issue - I quite understand… :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s a sketch?


Wanna do a rat rod?


Hi Bruce, were there many cars last year at the Jag show at the Canadian Warplane Museum? Planning on going, with the car this year. Not concours, but I don’t care! I haven’t been there yet, or any all Jag show for that matter! Gorgeous sketch!

@Wiggles @unclmank -

Rat Rod - no problem! - in truth, it was a sketch and a photoshop render… here’s the sketch.

A bit rough and ready, but I was planning on the render primarily…

The Canadian Warplane Heritage etc show was very good - a bunch of lovely E’s of all series, some more recent and some older (some lovely xk120s and 140s) but for me the coup de grace were two Xj220s, pointed nose to tail - one in yellow that I have seen at British car day and the one in silver I rendered - both beautiful - but silver is an easier colour to “paint”… :slight_smile:

The show was good and the venue is amazing… loads of old planes - some flying… (this one preparing for takeoff)

And a working Lancaster - one of two in the world. Worth the trip… :slight_smile:


It’s a pretty good show. The only beef I have is they charge you $25 for the privilege of parking your car in the display (unjudged) lot then charge admission for people to look at it.

@Nickolas I don’t disagree… but - what the heck - it’s helping to service an Old Lanc, no? And it is a cool venue. I might feel differently if I had plates on my car and had paid for the privilege of parking… :joy:

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Here is shot of one at Goodwood I took in 2009 (I think). Makes me sad that now Goodwood cannot have too much flying during the Revival.

68 E-type FHC

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…por que no? No es bien! :pleading_face:

I think it is the same type restrictions on airshows in the USA and how close airplanes can be now to the crowds. Since there are so many folks at Goodwood I don’t think they are allowed to pull off the aerial displays they had in the past. I sure am glad I got to see the Lancaster and Vulcan flying at Goodwood.

68 E-type FHC


Does the $25 fee to park in the display lot go to maintaining the Lancaster (that flies over my house several times in the summer. One of two remaining in the world still flying) or toward the car club’s expenses? Maybe it comes down to the same thing.

I paid $400 for an hour ride on a WW2 B-17 at EAA here in Oshkosh and was glad to do it. Between the gas and the maintenance ( and probably insurance) these have horrendous upkeep expenses…and where do you find parts?

Likely was Aluminum Overcast: saw it at Oshkosh '92.

Gorgeous bird!

Yes that it was, walked past the display too many times while working and finally decided to just go for it. Two B17s emergency landed at my dads air station in England, so this was my way to connect to his days there.

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Similarly, one is able to purchase one of four passenger seats on the aforementioned Lancaster bomber. It flies a route that takes you over the CN Tower in Toronto and then over Niagara Falls. The price, however, is $3,000. Plus tax.

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Wow !
And here I thought you were just a regular Guy !
Beautiful art work.
Sadly , Tom does not like clients at the restoration shop as it interferes with work but does welcome them at the Markham location.
I have been a member of WHM for over twenty years.
Please send me a link to your site
Oh , and I one those guys who bought a Jag for restoration but did it all myself.
Here is my first frame up restoration


@Keithmac - No worries about the resto shop…I quite understand…

I’m a very regular guy - when it comes to restoring cars! :joy: :joy: :joy:

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