Looking for a good mechanic in Southwest Florida

Recently purchased a 1973 Jaguar E-type V12, I’m looking for a good mechanic and body shop familiar with the E-type in my area, I live in Naples, Florida.
Thank you

Hunt Automotive in Fort Myers 239-481-1978. Rick Hunt is owner. Have brought my 74 E OTS several times.

Thanks Mel. That’s great to know.

There also is Jaguarclubofswf located in Ft Myers. They could be of help.
I have had mine since 1974. Let me know if I can be of help.
740-357-0118. I live in Cape Coral.

If you can get it up to Pensacola, that guy that used to have that car help radio show, Bobby Likins ( sp.?) still has his original shop there. My bud, former JLer and a former E-type owner, always takes his Jags there, although Bobby himself sold the shop when he retired from his show a couple of years or so ago. Still, the guys there really know their stuff on Jags. :+1:

Paul, what is the name of the Jag shop in Pensacola?? moving there next month, and would love to have someone to help on my E-type… thanks, Don

Will check with my bud and get back to you with it, Don. Great town, per my bud, and I wouldn’t mind moving there myself @ retirement. :smile:

How about Tsikuris Classics in Lakeland FL? A friend of mine had his body and interior done there with great results. I plan to use him for my interior when the time comes.

A visit to his shop:

Rick OBrien
65 FHC in FL

Here we go … although Bobby Likis sold his shop when he retired from his long-running syndicated nationwide car radio program last year :sunglasses: , it still bears his name and has some great techs working there. The top guy now is also an X-308 owner. Bobby, btw, was a certified Jaguar master mechanic back in his day. :+1:

Did you visit Chet’s automotive near zoo on 41 ???

I live in Michigan and never had any work done by this company but when I was looking for a source of jute for my interior project I came across them and reached out . The gentleman had a big piece of it and sent it to me before even receiving any form of payment. That’s old school, when a verbal agreement between two guys was as good as signed contract ( if not better). That just tells me a lot about them.

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Thanks for the great information, everyone!