Looking for help and advise please, wipers not working on a Daimler double six

Guys and girls please can someone help me. Long story short my uncle owned a Daimler double six 1994. He passed away last year and my auntie has had the car on the drive. I have gone to get her a mot for it and it failed on the wipers and I have 10 days to figure it out.

So the wipers don’t work at all, I’m trying to find the relays and fuses etc but I’m lost :rofl:. I’m use to boosted Japanese cars and haven’t got a clue about classic jags. What is it likely to be and where should I be looking etc. I’m getting confused with diagrams as there’s so many models. Based in coulsdon surrey if anyone knows someone local as well that I might be able to take it to or call out.

Thanks. Dan

Hi Dan,
These may help:

Another good source of data is:


Call Ray at Surrey Jag Centre.

The wipers didn’t work on my car, the wiper motor would turn on but the gears in it were stripped out.