Looking for John Smalley, Jag restorer in Nelson New Zealand

Hello Folks,
12 years ago I visited John Smalley who has a shop in Nelson New Zealand. A fellow lister knows him and contacted me with his contact details. I lost both. Are you still out there?

Many thanks
Wes Keyes
York, Maine

Hi Wes. Try John Eales he may know of him;

Or ask the [excellent] WOW museum. They have Jags, and Nelson’s population is so tiny it’s likely they’ll know him, or who to ask: https://www.wowcars.co.nz/contact/
Chris T.

Hi there Wes, Phil Benvin here. John is mostly retired now, but still does some work in the shed. I catch up with him every couple of weeks for a beer. His mobile number is 0211693978. To ring from there you need to drop the 0. But he is not very good at answering his phone. If you want to contact him I can get a message to him.

Thanks Folks,
I’ll give him a ring.

Wes Keyes