Looking for new side blinkers

Hi everyone

Im looking for new side blinkers:


Mine work but the white see thru plastic is cracked in multiple parts and looks ugly. Sadly i cannot find them online. Do any of you have a pair or at least one laying around?

Or do you know any other rectangular side blinkers which could be an aftermarket fix? I dont need it to be original. It just has to look oldschool and it should be preferably with a white plastic cover.

Cheers Marmo

Marmo, you might check this out. No affiliation, not a customer, etc.

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I have seen this. but im not sure how this person refurbishes it. for me its only the plastic cover thatis rotten and cracked. its pretty much beyond repair. the rest of the housing is fine.

I ordered a pair of ’ refurbished ’ side blinkers for my car from that same guy. Mine are different to yours having an orange lens and are more square in shape.
To be honest I was really disappointed when they arrived. They were basically just old blinkers with the original bulb holder removed and a generic bulb holder loosely pushed into the socket and the wires exiting through a hole in the rear that wasn’t even sealed. I’d already repaired my existing blinkers in exactly the same way a few years before but done a much better job than he had, so I’ve left them in place for the time being until I can track down a better set.

thats what i was scared off. If i invest such money I’d at least want to see a youtube video of the refurbishment process.

My goal is to find similar sized blinkers and just glue them on, but so far im not finding any or If so they are from down under…

When the retaining clips that hold the assembly in place in the hole in the wing broke off on my last car ( a 94 XJ40 Sovereign ) I used a cable tie and double sided sellotape to keep them in place. Cover the backs of the blinker with the tape, thin single layer tape works fine, push it into the hole in the wing then use a cable tie wrapped around the round part on the inside of the wing. The square block on the cable tie should be pushed hard against the face of the inner wing. Mine remained in place like that for about 3 years until I sold the car.

After some more research I plan on getting those blinkers:

DA8531 - Wipac Led Smoked Side Repeater (Pair) (johncraddockltd.co.uk)

They are LED. Can this be an issue? I dont want any ‘LIGHTS’ warning on the dashboard. Do any of you know if this can be an issue?

If it might be an issue, can it be fixed with some simple resistors soldered to the new LED light wires? If so what kind of resistance should I add?

Sorry for the barrage of questions

Edit: I ordered them… fingers crossing they work without any resistors


Hi all

I got the new blinkers and indeed they need a resistor to not get a bulb failure light.
I soldered the old light in parallel and it fixed it… (not a nice fix but it is what is it)

However on one side i lost the blinker wires inside the pannel. They were way too short! is there a way to access the inside of the fender so i can find the wires?

Yes, you can remove the fender liner to get access. Best to remove the wheel first though.

The wires are long enough but they are usually cable tied or fastened so they don’t hang down inside the wing. When the wheel is off it’s easy to remove the wing liner. Once it’s off have a good look for any corrosion starting anywhere beneath it, especially behind the section nearest the door / A post. There is a little shelf that collects mud and silt and a large rubber grommet with a thick wiring loom passing through into the car, this is a known rust area.

thanks for your inputs.

I opened the fender liner and then made the wires longer. The new blinkers had to be shaven down with an angle grinder, so they sit flush against the panel. I just ‘glued’ them on with some liqui moli engine silicone. It looks super good now :slight_smile: I wish those new blinkers had a chrome trim around it, but it also looks classic like this.

And you were right. there definitely is quite a bit of corrosion. tomorrow i will clean all the dirt out, use a wire brush, then coat everything in rust converter, and then spray in some wax.