Looking for previous owner XK150S OTS

(Walter Eicher) #1

Does anyone know or knew one or both previous owners of my XK 150S OTS build 1959?
22.10.1959 Evrett M Knisley, US Army Support Unit, SHAFE bought the car
from Charles Delecroix, Paris, France
06.06.1963 Evrett M Knisley sold the car to Eric Neff
14.09.2002 Eric Neff sold the car to Gullwing Motor Inc.

(Terry McGrath) #2

what is the chassis number engine number etc

(Walter Eicher) #3

Chassis # T832106DN

(Walter Eicher) #4

Terry I am woundering if you have any results from my information?

(Morris Barnett) #5

My records show it as being in Switzerland,
Engine number VS-2118-9
Built 7 Oct 1959
Larger rear lights were introduced on this chassis number to end of production.
I have no other info.

(Rob Reilly) #6

Its on xkdata.com
There is a Heritage Certificate dated 2007 in the name of Mark Dweck.
Looks like it was restored about 2012 and offered for sale in Antwerp, Belgium. It has the Jaguar Cars ID plate and one from Delacroix.