Looking for XJ12 mechanic

Looking for mechanic with XJ12 (1998) in Southeastern Connecticut.


The last Jaguar to be powered by a V12 engine was a green LWB XJ12, registered P60 SOV which left the production line on 17 April 1997. It was placed in the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust museum in Coventry

Apologies - we bought it in 1998. Model year is 1996…having a terrible time finding anyone to work on it in Connecticut

Gail pm your phone number…I might have the guy on Long Island, if not call me anyway…
Im looking for av12 short or long wheelbase?

Then it’s an X300? I‘ll drop you in the correct category, this is only up to 1992.

Hi- Try the “X305” list on jaguarforums.com because there are many more XJ12 owners there… someone might know of someone. There’s a guy in Rhode Island that had one who is on that forum. I have a 96 XJ12 also, and it’s a wonderful car. If you don’t mind sending the thing up to Southern New Hampshire I’d be happy to work on it for you, but that’s a long way from Southern CT. -John

Thanks, but LI is a pain to get too. It looks like there might be someone a little north of me.

Thanks John, I’ll try the X305 list. If I bomb out, I’ll be back in touch. We love the XJ12 also but have had a terrible time finding anyone to work on it.

Ok good luck with the car