Looking for XK150 OTS 831898

Fifty years ago (1968-1971) in South Carolina I had the pleasure of owning an XK150 OTS (831898) in GM Ermine White lacquer with a red interior, 4 speed without overdrive.

Enhancements included stainless steel battery boxes in each front wing, accessed through Mercedes 300SL-like louvers on each side, forward of where the cockpit fresh air vents had been.

It also had engine-turned stainless steel threshold covers on each side.

I’ve been trying for years to find out what became of it - initially I heard it might have gone to Michigan.

Anybody know?

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I think I just checked on XKdata web site and came up empty, caveat, thats the first time I’ve searched for a car on that site.

This is the world wide web locator for these cars, but it’s not on here, meaning either it is gone or stashed away or nobody has entered it.