Looking to buy an F Pace. what to look for/avoid

The wife is wanting an SUV, we started looking at the F Pace. would love the SVR but that’s likely out of the price range.
we won’t be buying new, probably a couple years old with 20k miles or so. wanting AWD and V6 supercharged.
any thing we should look at?
any years or models to avoid?
seems the diesels can be problematic
thank in advance

I have a 2017 FPACE now with 53,000 kms, the only issue I have had is with the brake rotors literally rusting out at 50,000 kms (30 k miles), seems no one else has had the issue, even the caliper shells turned rust colored (ugly), solved that by having the dealer paint them. Other than the brake rotors, I’ve not had any issues whatsoever. It’s not cheap onn fuel, but then with the V6 you get solid power, the ride is great, the sound system is sublime, the interior leather hmmmmm better than a crappy Cadillac, but not Jag level in my mind.