Lost Lynx C-Type?

I noticed this in another group.

My 75yo father had his dream car, a Lynx Jaguar C-Type, stolen. :slightly_frowning_face: If you have seen this car live or on offer anywhere, please contact me at info@lynxctype.com. Two Lynx specialists in Czech Republic and the UK are known to be involved. There is up to 10.000 GBP reward! For more information please visit www.lynxctype.com.
Please warn anyone interested in replicas, C-Types or Lynx Jaguar cars… Thank you!

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That is what is known in these here parts as, “the dribblin’ shits.”


Dirtbags. Hope the gentleman gets his car back and the thieves get prison. Do gulags exist outside of Russia?

How could anyone steal this and hope to resell it or even part it out …stupid

I dont think the car has been stolen…it sounds more like a dispute with the restoration shop… its being discussed on face book… Steve

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