Lost power seat, tilt and mirror on my 96 VDP

I have a pretty nice VDP that has been flawless for months now that just developed a problem I can’t figure out.

The power tilt wheel stopped retracting at shut off, the drivers seat stopped working, the remote mirrors stopped working and the memory seat feature stopped working.

I’ve checked all the fuses related to the seat and mirrors and they are good.

Any pointers??

Here are some TSBs we got ‘back-in-the-day’ when I worked at the dealer.

15-21 Seat Memory Functions – Inoperative.pdf (20.8 KB)
15-50 Front Seat Memory – Potentiometers.pdf (69.4 KB)


Thanks for the reply, unfortunately the battery disconnected for ten seconds didn’t work, and the othe bulletin doesn’t apply as I can not move the drivers seat at all. Only the headrest motor works, the rest of the controls are dead.

Is there some module or relay that controls the memory seat feature? The light that comes on when pressing the memory button does not come on anymore.

Another thought is the ignition switch. Sometimes when I remove the key, the car ‘dings’ like something is still on until I put the key back in and turn it forward and back again.

I think your on to something with the ignition barrel.

Requires some lubrication so it clonks when the key removed.

It prevented the steering wheel moving.

Thanks motorcarman!!! I just had the same problem with my seats in my Daimler Double Six (1995) and your fix worked a dream - and this from me that has just about as much mechanical know how as a snail!!! It saved me a lot of grief. Thanks, H.