Lots of questions when reinstalling

I can’t find the bag with the flywheel bolts and tab washers. Anybody know what the four bolts are?

C.514 Screw, Set, securing Flywheel to Crankshaft Plate No. J.28 No. per Unit 4
C.386 Washer, under head of Setscrew Plate No. J.29 No. per Unit 4
C.381 Plate, Locking Plate No. J.30 No. per Unit 2

I can’t remember if you have copies of the Spare Parts Catalogue and the Service Manual. In my view these are essential to parts identification, location, and assembly guidance. Please send me a note if you need these manuals.

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I have the service manual but I flipped through it this morning trying to find a list of bolts needed for the engine. I didn’t find a listing but might not have found the correct page.
I seem to have lost the box With all the engine screw/bolt bags. I carefully removed the fasteners, cleaned and painted them where appropriate then put them in zip lock bags with labels. Now I find I’m missing the bolts which hold the end plates to the block. Ugh!

Does anyone know the size of these bolts? My car is in location and I’m up at Rogers Motors and was invited to look through and find the ones needed.


Sorry, can’t remember the size but definitely BSF and not UNF/ANF.

The washers were available from some of the usuals.


Hello Wayne, nearly all the nuts and bolts on the Jaguar Mark V are specified in the Spare Parts Catalogue for Jaguar Mark V Models, in my view essential to parts identification, location, and assembly guidance. Please send me a note if you need this manual.

I find that the flywheel bolts are 3/8-20 BSF but with a hardness of 8. I have found the correct thread bolts but standard hardness of 5. I’m hoping that along with the two pins, this will be strong enough. Any thoughts?

Roger, I don’t have that catalogue but at the rate that I’m going, I’m not sure it’ll be of use once it gets here. I seem to only be missing the flywheel bolts at this time.

Well, it’s probably a good idea to have it. Let me know how much with postage and where to send funds.

I just talked to Moss Motors and they’re telling me the bolts are 7/16”-20 UNF. I’m under the impression that they should be BSF. Does any one know before I order the wrong bolts?

So after questioning Moss Motors and giving them the numbers that Roger provided me with, it seems neither SNGBarrett or Moss Motors has access to these bolts. So, I’ve ground to a halt. I can’t seem to be able to connect with Walt at Vintage Jag either. If any body has a source or an extra set, I’d appreciate their reply.

Hello Wayne, if you send me a note (your email address is needed), I can provide a Dropbox link with the Spare Parts Catalogue available for electronic download in portable file document (pdf) format.

Hello Wayne, C.514 Screw, Set, securing Flywheel to Crankshaft Plate No. J.27, No. per Unit 4 is what you are missing (along with the washers and locking plates)?

You might see if 3/8" x 20 BSF at 15/16" long matches your need. These setscrews appear to have had a “C.” callout because of application with torque and fitment details.

You might try Cordell Newby or Alan Gibbins or Worcester Classic Spares.

Moss is a waste of time. They don’t know anything about the pushrod engines.
There are no bolts on the pushrod engines with SAE threads, all are BSF, BSW or BSPP.
Download yourself a BSF thread chart and get a thread pitch gauge.
Bolts with C.xxx part numbers mean “Chassis” and that they were a special in some way, not just off the shelf bolts.
Which bolts are you trying to identify?

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Ok I found it.
3/8-20 BSF x 7/8" long hex head fully threaded.

I’m trying to identify the flywheel bolts. I was going to try and set up my lathe to turn the bolts but then realized, not only was I probably not going to be s a blue to turn the correct thread but they’d still need to be hardened. So, back to square 1.

Rob, you are fast! Your reply came through as I was sending mine to internetland.

I’ve got an email out to Worcester and I’ve been trying Cordell but my number for him and the one on his web site are not working. By chance do you have a current #for him?

Cordell Newby phone number is (509) 662-7748 . He is in the process of reducing his business and moving.

On the C.514 screws, my spares supply all are 15/16" long with 7/8" threaded and a 1/16" domed ending of the shaft.

Roger, I think that should be ok. Use a thick washer if necessary.

Thinking about it, I don’t see why they would be a C number rather than an FS number (Fine Screw) unless it was the non-standard lengths?