Low coolant light possible faults

Have a low coolant light come off and on fluid level is good

Are you sure its the coolant light and not the washer fluid light? I don’t ask that fallaciously, as I once made that mistake and drove myself crazy. The icons look similar.

No it is displayed as written words.

I’ve seen posts about a bad coolant sensor in the reservoir

The sensor just provides a ground to the Major Instrument Pack. Have you tried unplugging it? If you unplug it and you stop getting intermittent warnings that points to a faulty sensor. If not, could be wiring or connector trouble.
There was certainly a problem with coolant level sensors on early S Type as there was a bulletin advising dealers simply to cut the plug off and tape up the ends of the wires if customers complained about false warnings. Later coolant reservoirs don’t have the hole for the sensor. I don’t know if this also applied to XK8.

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I will check sensor and wiring. Recent spark plug change may have caused this .thanks will get back with an answer…

Fault found with a loose wire. Anti- freeze was a bit low to my surprize but no leaks…
Stay safe everyone in these trying times…

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