Low coolant sensor - X308

I have a 1999 X308 with 199K on the clock (4 ltre V8).

The Low Coolant Sensor light was illuminating even though the level is good - I have had the sensor replaced with a new (genuine) sensor but the light still comes on.

Sounds like the FLOAT in the reservoir is ‘stuck’ or sunk.

I didn’t think there was a float - the probe on the level sensor would determine the level is what I thought…

The sensor plugs into the bottom of the tank. There is no fluid contact with the coolant.
The magnetic float transfers the info to the sensor.

You can reach into the reservoir with a piece of wire and lift the float to see if that is the problem.

My X308 would do that. A good bash with the meaty part of my hand just above the wrist set her straight!

Whereabouts did you bash it???

Right on the top, with the cap on.

Thanks for your suggestion but unfortunately that hasn’t done the trick - still a problem for me