Low priced idle control valve

Hello gents!

I’d like to get some personal experience from those who replaced the OEM ICV with a cheap one. How long can I expect it to last? I’ve read years ago that a valve with plastic housing was available. Is it still the case nowadays? I could buy a new one from ebay for $10.98.
Thanks for any input in advance.

At $10.98 what’s the concern? Use it and if it fails in a few years just buy another one.
SWMBO will be really angry at that comment she hates the throwaway society.

Robin, you got a point. The risk/reward ratio is pretty good.
I’m not too crazy about the throwaway society either but I don’t have a SWMBO around me. I’m kinda redpilled though.

how about a link to one Joe?

Alright Larry here’s the link:

Thanks Joe, looks good, I’d use it for sure …however cost of shipping over the border is a little on the steep side for me …:rofl::rofl::rofl:


$199.99 USPS Priority Mail International | See details

See details about international shipping here.

Item location:

Ontario, California, United States

Ships to:

Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia See exclusions

I don’t know what idiot calculates these shipping prices. It’s totally preposterous.

I doubt it’s an actual idiot, most likely a virtual one.

Cheers, Alan

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How about having a Stateside lister buy it, then THEY ship it to ya?

Paul, that crossed my mind too.
Well, I didn’t purchase the cheapest valve from ECCPP. When people make YT videos about how bad a company is then the best is to stay away. The one I bought was $13.33 with free shipping. These are generic AC valves with stepper motor. There are several models, AC68, AC175, AC305 etc. They look identical I’m just not sure about the fitment. The cheapest was $6.99.

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Of course I could do that, but there again, I was just curious - I don’t need one - plus the price was probably a misprint/eBay calculator screw-up.

Joe, I replaced mine with the Renault Megane one a few years ago (it wasn’t 10 bucks but I don’t think it was more than $20)

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I remember when I first read about the Renault ICV years ago here. I checked the prices on ebay and they were around $17. I’m gonna get mine next Wed on the 17th. I don’t get the CEL though but sometimes my car’s revs goes so low at red lights or stop signs that the engine dies. So I have to put it in N and keep the revs up around 1000-12000 to keep the engine running.

Joe - Keeping it running like that is harrowing - I’ve done it a few times myself and it’s a real pain …lets hope the megane valve clears it up!

It’s not a big deal after you practiced enough times. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I put the transmission in N when I’m close to the red light or stop sign and rev up the engine a little bit.
I’ll let the forum know if the new ICV fixes the problem. I was thinking about getting a pigtail to test the original valve. Can I spray some electrical cleaner to the stepper motor to clean it somehow? I’d like to save it and have a spare valve so next time I won’t have to wait for a week to get a new one.

Usually the tip is carboned up and also the housing - BUT BUT - be very careful taking off the housing as those tiny long bolts like to shear off …also, if you DO take off the housing, this will give you access to the EGR port (in manifold directly below).

Unless you’ve cleaned it out before when doing the throttle body, the port will be really carboned up to the point where you won’t even know there’s an EGR port down there. :tired_face:

However, using a 1/4" rod ground to a 45 or a point will allow you to dig away all the carbon and vacuum it out …which reminds me, might be time to do it all again myself :roll_eyes:


I’ve cleaned the tip of the valve like 3 times in the past 2 years. The housing is clean, not clogged up and I cleaned the EGR port too. I think I’m gonna order a pigtail and apply power to the old valve to see what’s going on.

Yeah, sounds like something’s not right Joe.

Haven’t touched mine since I swapped it about 5 yrs ago.

I replaced the ICV. No problem with the fitment. I removed the orange O ring from the new one and reused the original gasket.

For posterity. You’ll have to re-use your gasket and spacer and disregard the O-Ring. Jaguar wants $500 for the motor and $60 for the gasket!!!


Excellent find! Gotta love us some Interwebz!