LT-1 powered XKE on BAT

Gary missed another! lol

I could live with that car. Does not claim that the LT1 is a Vette, either. it is not.


hammer down at 60k! :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

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Some one is about to have tons of fun!!!

I don’t mind it was lumped: I don’t mind it was whacked into a convertible: but, they left those awful Dagmars on it??


I do not read that it was made in to a convertible. The conversion is the power plant and drive

From the ad:

“This 1973 Jaguar XKE began life as a Series III coupe that was acquired by the seller in 1989 and converted to a convertible…”

Think there’s a chance that they properly reinforced the chassis?

Theres another example of someone spending ALOT, ALOT of money to get back 10 cents on the dollar.
Neat piece, a hot rod jag , someone must have needed cash.
There has to be 200 grand in the whole thing.IMHO
I tell you for all that work they should have deleted the rubber bumpers too

Reread the add. Now I see the language.

There is no difference between the OTS and 2+2 “Chassis”

i would assume a structural difference between FHC and DHC/OTS. the drop top or roadster would need additional frame support, no?