LT1 wiring clean up advice

Hi guys,

I finished my conversion years ago, but one thing that really bothered me was how messy my wiring was. I made all the connections behind the glove box which was neat and tidy, but in the engine compartment it’s a rat’s nest, particularly up by the battery.

I’ve debated on rewiring a new smaller fuse block which would be a bit smaller… but the real problem is the C204 connection block that I used to pass the wires from the engine bay into the cab; it created a bit of a tangle because everything is crammed up by the passenger side area.

My question is, what’s the best way to tidy things up and make it look clean? I could pull the whole harness out again and thin out the harness, remove the actual wires from the old anti lock brake system as well as the other unused harness ends… but some of the installs i’ve seen are so slick… i just don’t know how to get it looking so clean.

This is my favorite go to place for that kind of thing.

Well, a lot of mine is neatly bundled with split loom covers ala GM.

Alas, I do have a “well” by the battery box of wires of differing lengths. At one time, I had them bundled and taped. Imperfect but better. Was looking for a “speedo” wire. never found it!!!

When I return to “full duty” and the weather is cooler, I might just retape them.

My after market harness included two small generic fuse boxed for the blade fuses. I attached them to the wing brace. Along with the OBD port. handy bracket there.