Lucas 45D6 innards. One spring only?

Hello all,

I am finishing to rebuild a Euro specs engine with 2 HIFs carbs and a Lucas 45D6 distributor (vacuum advance) that allegedly has had very little use.

Out of curiosity, I opened up the distributor, and found only one spring on the centrifugal advance weights. The one spring has about 4 mm of play before it engages.

Does this seems legit, if should I look for 1 or 2 new springs?

Thank you.

There is a spring missing, which may be on purpose: a missing spring would bring in advance, harder and sooner.

Hmmm, that would be a pretty crude way to modify the advance curve… :slight_smile:

Not to mention unstable and jittery!

Found a great pdf on the web from the MGA tribe.
I am missing the "primary"spring that should always be under tension. The “secondary” spring should be loose to allow the primary one to do its job in peace.
This is all nudging me closer to dishing out a wad of cash for a 123 setup…
But I will continue trying to crack this one for now… :slight_smile:

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123 was best addition I ever made!

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I moved on to 123 Ignition.

Just for reference, here is an interesting article, that mention the replacing of the distributor cap with a Bosch one, of higher quality.