Lucas P100 Headlamp Seal

Hello friends,

Does anyone know of a source for the seal between the headlamp cover and the body of a P100? It’s the one that seals the headlamp when you open the headlamp to change the bulb. I hope you know what I’m talking about? Do the fog lamps have a seal??



Hi Tim, you can try:
Vintage Headlamp Restoration International Ltd.
Limestone Cottage Lane
Wadsley Bridge
S6 1NJ
Telephone: 0114 2853555
International Telephone: 0044-114-285-3555
Fax: 0114 2853555


Genius of the lamp
15-17 Northampton Street
Hockley Jewellery Quarter,
B18 6DU
Tel: +44 (0) 121 212 0155
Mob: +44 (0) 781 705 1807


Thank you very much.

Genius of the Lamp sell the seal in 2 metre lengths, 5mm thickness, for 10GBP. The fog/spot lamps use 3mm and they carry that too.


Just a follow up. I rang Genius of the lamp and was told by the person who answered the phone that the company has gone out of business! Has anyone had dealings with them recently? I’ll try the Sheffield business instead.


Hello Tim

Bunnings has Moroday 3mm X 5m black round rubber & Clark Rubber has 3, 5, 8, 4.8mm Nitrile rubber which may not have enough give but they also have EPDM sponge cord but in larger sizes.

Regards Peter

Thank you for that message, Peter. Would the variety from Bunnings be the most suitable?

Hello Tim

Moroday do a 3,6,12 mm sponge cord, I bought the 6 mm & a hollow 10 mm D shape which will squash down to 6 mm so with the two types you may get what you want. My lights are QK596 & not P100 so you will have to experiment a bit to find the right seal. Type Moroday into the Bunnnings website to check their range.

Regards Peter

Can someone post a picture of what this seal is like?
I opened my P100s and found a wide rubber ring in there.

Hi Tim, have you tried South Eastern Gaskets in Mordialloc? I think that’s where Ed Nantes gets his headlight gaskets from…

Hullo fellow problem solvers. I had the same dilemma. The perished example I removed from my car about a decade ago I assumed was an original. It is a U section about 5x5 (probably the old imperial 3/16"x3/16") and, at the time, I found a near-perfect replica in Clark Rubber, so I purchased enough for my needs. The U section seats in the groove and provides a double lip seal against the edge of the rim. Very little water, if any, should get past.

Unfortunately, Clark Rubber here in Newcastle has reduced their range of rubber sections drastically and it is no longer stocked. It may be available at larger outlets. They also don’t stock the rubber buttons for the dipping reflector stop.

I have attached photos of the sections in question. Note that I have also included a view of some 1/8" vacuum tube which I think will be suitable. It is no more than 5mm diameter and has some ‘give’ due to the hole to compress a little.

(Excuse the fingernail, I didn’t get time to do my manicure this morning.)

Thank you, Peter that’s really helpful to know and see!



Thanks Peter for those pix. It is not clear to me how that fits in, or whether mine should even have that. My current seal is quite different like a wide ring.

What do they look like?


Let me take a few more pictures. There is always a “be wary” caveat with these things because some of these lights may have subtle internal differences despite the exterior looking the same. For instance, the standard sidelight on the 1.5 is the common garden variety Lucas 1130, of which there were probably millions made. I have a pair of 1130A, which are fitted to my other non-Jag car. That particular model appears to be quite rare. The differences are considerable but not very obvious. The punters in my club did not believe it so I wrote an article for the mag., with comparison pictures, to dispel doubts.

Give me a day or two. There is no way you can say owning one of these glorious beasts is dull and boring.


Here are a few pictures of the parts from two different lamps. I have fitted a round section to one and the U section to the other. I believe both sections will work but I prefer the U section. Note that the lip is bent over slightly, confirming that the rim is wiping over it.

Note the picture of the flat headed button to cushion the stop in both directions. This is on what I believe to be a very original and unaltered headlamp. It is important to keep the rubber slim on both sides to ensure there is adequate dipping angle. I forgot to measure the specifics but it is no more than 3mm thick on the head you can see, and about 2mm on the stub behind. I included a picture of a standard dipping headlamp where you can see the replacement domed stop button, which is a good replica of the old original one. If you can’t find the flat type, you could use one of these and grind the dome down.

I’ve included a view of the inside of the bowl and the rear of the reflector to show the assembly details to help if you are trying to build up to original spec.

I hope this helps.