Lucas starter motor drive Centre Sleeve

I know this is rather specific but I seem to have a “gap” in the part numbers assigned to this part and I hope somebody has more Lucas catalogues than I have.

The XK 120 started life with starter motor Lucas 26042 that initially had the RE Drive with a rubber construction to absorb the forces when the pinion engages.
By March 1950 it was superseded by Starter Motor Lucas 26062 that got the famous “Eclipse” drive with the large spring at the front, replacing the rubber RE version.

The RE Drive (Lucas 291105) had a Centre Sleeve (Lucas 291052) with a treaded section at one end on which the Locating Nut (Lucas 291042) was positioned. All well detailed in Lucas literature. See picture below.




The Eclipse Drive (Lucas 291380) had (according Lucas literature that I have access to) a different Centre Sleeve (Lucas 54251057) with a groove at the end (replacing the threaded section) for a “jump spring” to hold a Collar (replacing the former “Locating Nut”. Note that this Centre Sleeve has an 8 digit Lucas part number , so was of a later date (1953???). See picture below.

But there is an “intermediate version”, most likely used for the first “Eclipse” Drive versions. This Centre Sleeve (Lucas …?) has the larger head to hold the new Spring, but at the other end still has the threaded section for the Locating Nut as used on the RE Drive. See picture below.

I cannot find any reference in the Lucas literature of this “hybrid” version. Can anyone help?

Bob K.

Unfortunately no replies yet.

The problem is that catalogue Lucas 400D describes the first version of the Eclipse Drive, but the list is far from complete. I also have the impression that the writer had to follow the table as used for the other (older) starting motors, and couldn’t find a line for the “intermediate” Sleeve and Drive Head (and then simply skipped it).

Lucas catalogue 400E describes the later Eclipse Drive in a much completer way, but we know that the later versions of the Eclipse Drive already had the later Sleeve and Drive Head that was properly listed as Lucas 54251057.

So, I’m afraid that the Lucas Part Number for the Sleeve and Drive Head with the threaded section for Locating Nut Lucas 291042 (see picture below) will always remain a secret…

Bob K.

Does this help any? It is the M418 starter from my '38 car.

I have the 1939 Lucas catalogue.
It lists pinions and sleeves for the M45 models.

No particular help Bob but here is the starter motor pages from my - Lucas 400C supplement no.3

This is from a 400C Supplement No. 1 dated 1951

Thanks Rob and Jason!

Unfortunately, the answer is still unclear.
We’re talking about the period 1948 till 1955 during which first Starting Motor Lucas 26042 was introduced with the “RE Rubber Drive” Lucas 291105, followed around 1951/1952 by Starting Motor Lucas 26062 with the “Eclipse Drive” Lucas 291380.

Lucas Catalogue 400C doesn’t provide more information than the later 400D or 400E, the latter in fact provides even more information on the older types than the “contemporary” catalogues.

The typical “Centre Sleeve & Drive Head” (which is the part that distinguishes the RE and Eclipse Drives from all previous and later drive types) is rarely mentioned in Lucas catalogues. The Centre Sleeve & Drive Head for the RE Drive with Lucas part number 291052 and the final version of the Centre Sleeve & Drive Head for the Eclipse Drive with Lucas part number 54251057 are only listed in the 400E catalogue on page N10. I haven’t found any other images (nor part numbers) in earlier Lucas catalogues…

Like I mentioned earlier, because this Centre Sleeve & Drive Head was different from all earlier versions, the tables in the 400C and 400D catalogues didn’t have a line for these “new kids” and therefore aren’t mentioned at all.
The 400E catalogue showed a totally revised presentation method and included the Center Sleeve & Drive Head. Unfortunately, only the latest version of the Centre Sleeve & Drive Head was shown and not the “intermediate” version (which is logical as they were interchangeable). See picture of the “intermediate” version.


The only possibility left is that this part is mentioned in one of the Lucas Workshop Instruction manuals on Starting Motors and/or Starter Drives of the early Fifties.

Bob K.

These are from the Technical Correspondence Course.
Interesting stuff about the design of starters, but unfortunately no part numbers.

Attached parts of a 9/52 starter😜

Yes Rob, I’ve got that one. Page 24 shows an exploded view of the (early) Eclipse Drive including the Centre Sleeve & Head, but as you say: no part numbers.

Bob K.

Thanks Thomas,

That’s the later version of which we know the part number of the Centre Sleeve & Head.
But (assuming this is still the original Drive of your starting motor) this new part was already used in September 1952!

Bob K.