Lucas WLR576 on Mk2

Looking to buy a set of driving lights to mount in the original factory location on my '62 Mk2. These are the center mount type lamps. Lucas WLR576 reproductions are readily available (…but are apparently slightly different than the original Fog Rangers that were optioned on the car. The difference, I’m told, is the short spear that is at the top of the housing (see pic). Curious if anyone has mounted these (or the SLR576 fog lamp version) on a Mk2?

Pic is not from a Mk2…and it’s the SLR576, but you’ll get the point.

Interesting that you were told that the spears were different between the lamp types. Years ago a friend of mine reconditioned these lamps and on one occasion showed me no less that nine different spears that had been fitted to these WLR576 / SLR576 .