[Lumps!] carter carb update (I'm not really an idiot really..)

Hello All,
First off I just wanted to say thanks for all the replies. I would email
you all back individually but my boss is breathing down my neck today.
Left work early enough yesterday and went to a local speed just not 10
blocks from my house. They had a book all about carter carbs! Bought it
along with a better low-rise edlebrock 14" round air cleaner. Anyhow I read
thru the book last night and guess what… I have a 625cfm carter carb (after
removing the old air cleaner I finally was able to find the model number)
with what must be a manual choke but I have not discovered it yet. This
carb also is the Chrysler model, sorta wacky to stick it on a GM engine but
who knows.
The car ran great before and I have not touched any of the adjustments on
the carb and these style carbs are supposed to hold their tune well and the
fact that there is fuel pouring out of one side only, leads me to believe
that if I just rebuild it it should fix my problems. Though a sunken float
does sound likely and they don’t seem to come with the rebuild kit. Since
the carb is a 625CFM model I will keep it and try rebuilding it. The
rebuild kits are ~$35 bucks locally so I will get one and get to work.
The manifold I have is a Holley contender dual plane manifold for not
spread bore carbs so I think I will not be up grading to a q-jet.
On my ‘other’ car I have rebuilt British Su’s and mikuni-solex’s (with no
parts left over!!) and they worked better than before!! So I think I have
the skill to do it.
Thanks again,
And maybe fixing the carb will get me out of painting the house for a day or

Daniel George Neuman 2 wrote:

And maybe fixing the carb will get me out of painting the house for a day or

One can always hope.

– Dave