[Lumps!] For those that are interested

Yup, I’m with you too. Lots of people leaving and no explanations. Not
Peter S

There’s been an awful lot of traffic on the recent staff changes in J-L.
Charlie, Jeb & Jim all getting the boot. Henry resigning out of fear that
he was next.
Now I read that our ‘President’ has called it quits!
Who’s running this show? Will this be like a cockroach that’s had its
head cut off & is just staggering around waiting to die?
Yes, I know what that J-L isn’t a democracy, & I am just a lowly
contributor. But with no clear message with some real facts being sent by
ANYONE, I am getting rather annoyed with the whole thing.
The powers that be can make a choice to bring the membership up to
So far, they don’t appear to consider themselves answerable to us.
The only choice I have is whether or not to continue to subscribe.
If I don’t see some official explanation soon, I’ll be hanging out with
Charlie & Jeb…
Mr. Badwrench

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