[Lumps!] Gauge Advice Seriously Needed

Rains it pours. We have been experiencing colder weather here (40s at
night). I make a 7AM run to take my daughter to school 23 miles away each

  • Speedometer needle is jumping around all over the place and gets so
    radical it jumps the full circle and jams.
  • Pulled speedometer and drove without it connected for one trip and cable
    is spinning freely. When it jams, take off the cable and it returns back to
  • Gas gauge does not respond until the outside temp gets above 55 or so.
  • Sometimes, the gas gauge works, and the temp gauge does not. I have seen
    it at the time that the temp gauge goes active, and at the same time, gas
    gauge goes dead. Then when the gas gauge goes active, the temp gauge will
    die. Neither condition exists if temps are above 55 degrees or the sun has
    been on the car.
  • And I am still in need of some advice on how to test the tach … did not
    get an answer from anyone on that one. (see below)
  • All gauges are slow to respond (normal) but worse in colder temps.
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  1. Can I test this tach directly off the distributor by using those
  2. Which is ground, which is impulse?
  3. How do I test the wiring to make sure that the wiring is delivering
    And given that the tach is dead,
  4. Does anyone have a 12 cyl. tach, (chrome trimmed) either converted or
    not converted that they can part with cheap?

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My $.02

  1. Check your ground connections on the back of the
    dash panel by the gauges- they are simple female spade
    connections and may be bad. Make sure they are clean
    tight and good. bad grounds will make the gauges read
    oddly, or not at all

  2. Speedo- time for a new cable, and maybe thing about
    a right angle drive adaptor on the rans end. That
    tight bend in the tunnel kills the cable. The adaptor
    removes the bend

  3. Check your fuel sender connections- those original
    jag barrel type conenctors (behind each of your rear
    wheels, behind the access cover) are known to corrode
    and be flakey… Remove, clean, reassemble. Also
    verify that the connections (contacts) inside your
    fuel tank switch unit are good and clean…=====

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//please trim quoted text to context only