[Lumps!] Kitty goes left when brakes are used - CONCLUSION

Those who recommended replacing the brakes hoses were correct.

The right hose was partially blocked/collapsed and the left
hose ‘‘expanded’’ due to receiving more pressure/fluid than is normal.

What a great help those of you on the Forum are, in trouble
shooting these ‘‘rare’’ problems…at least rare to me. All the items
replaced last year were done properly and first class. Would have
finished the process if I had known/thought of the hoses at the

I guess all older vehicles should have their hoses replaced. But,
the original Jag hoses latest 30 years!!!

The rubber then must have been much better than all the stuff on my
MG in 1962. I lost different rubber parts each month and the car
was built in 1959. Three years is not enough time to have to
replace wheel cylinders, master cylinder and clutch cyclinder
rubber parts!. But, that was common with those early vehicles.

Thanks again for all the help in fixing this braking problem.–
1971 XJ6 350/200R, 1974 XJ6 383/700R, 1974 XJ6 305/350 parts
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