[Lumps!] P.S

Another thing from a car magazine. In Sport Compact Car, my magazine for my
import fun they once said “No car is perfect off the showroom floor. Each
person is an individual with individual tastes. Some want more power, some
want more handling, some want a distinctive look. Regardless, this is where
the aftermarket comes in. To us, there is nothing better than seeing someone
who has customized his or her car to be his or her perfect car. Not perfect
for anyone else, but perfect for that person.”

I look forward to owning the completed perfect car (expect this about a year
from now, when I estimate I should be done with getting conversion part done
and then some of the fun stuff).

Future Lumper (Hey, Charlie, is it alright if I say “Future Lumper” instead
of “Honorary Lumper?” :wink: )