[Lumps!] Questions about trannys and engines

Sooo my tranny has been a bit screwy since I got it. It’s
not horrible, but it shifts way funky. Tons of slack in
between shifts and it also shifts early when at full
throttle. Sooo I’m thinking about changing it sometime
soonish. Ahhh but not so simple. See I want to put something
that will meet a few future criteria for what I plan on the
car being then. Why put in one that’ll hopefully be ripped
out in a couple of years?

What criteria might you ask? Well first off I want to get
one that’s BUILT. Seems like for 2Kish you can have your
pick of different GM trannies that can take 700HP or so,
which will leave room for overkill with even my plans. One
thing I’m wondering is if it would be ok to put such a
tranny in my car with it’s current gutless 200HPish engine.

Number 2 criteria is is ultimately I will be putting a
better engine in my Jag. I’d really, really like to go LSx
of some sort. The path is being blazed in that area right
now (as you know)and a fairly standardized way of going
about it will probably be figured out any time now.

So back to the tranny. Way I see it I have several options,
all of which will work for an old school SBC if I end up
going that route for some reason… However I’m not terribly
sure about them working with an LS.

I currently have a 700R4/4L60, which I know can work with an
LS. Many Jags have this one, but almost all of them wish
they had the 200R in retrospect. Apparently the 1-2 shift is
better and has more overdrive. So I’m wondering if it will
work with the LS.

Another question I’m having is about going with an
Electronic one or not. The 4L60E was used with LS engined
cars stock, but the non E can also be hooked up from what I
understand. What is going to be soo much better about going
with the E? I can’t use the electronics in my car at
present, so is there a way to turn off the electronics on
the E for my current engine and kick it back on for future
use with an LS? Is there a 200R that was Electronically
controlled? I think I’m leaning towards wanting a 200R
because that’s what everyone seems to prefer, but if the
electronics of the 4L60E can be turned off/on and it’s a
significant improvement… I dunno.

This is a big cluster explative of questions, but some
explanation was needed for any of it to make sense.

Short version:

Can I have built tranny with current shit engine

Want tranny that can be used with LS and current Gen I SBC

How important is Electronically controlled tranny, and can
it be turned off for current engine

NOTE I originally posted this on another forum I post on, so
some of it might not need explaining here… Didn’t feel
like rewording a bunch of it!–
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Sounds to me like you need a TV cable adjustment, not
a new trans. When was the last time you went in and
adjusted the cable per the factory book?? The T700R4
must have a properly adjusted TV (throttle valve)
cable to shift properly. If you’re not clear how to
adjust it, take a look at the factory service manual
for 84-85 Camaros- they ran a carb 305 (identical to
your 350) with a T700R4

As far as the LS engines go, I;m not sure how you’d
run a non-electronic trans behind one- the
transmission and engine control are in the same PCM.
On the other hand, there’s no way to run an electronic
trans behind a no electronic engine, unless you run a
separate transmission controller. That
controller/harness is available, but not cheap…____________________________________________________________________________________
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In reply to a message from vaughn_kiefe sent Mon 9 Jul 2007:

Since I have a well rebuilt 700R and and a Stage 3 200R, neither of
them electronically controlled, I thought I would give my opinion.
200R with your current motor will work fine, as would a ‘‘good’’
700R. Both of mine shift by the trans controls, not a computer. I
do not know of any advantage of using the computer to control the
shifting, but mine do not work that way.

I put in the 200R when I had a very slightly warmed over 350 that
barely had 200HP, it will work just fine. I think this is best way
to start your upgrade, do the trans now and engine later. Less to
do at the time of the engine exchange.

My 200R came from www.BowtieOverdrives and my 700R from Jet
Performance, Both are reputable shops than make great products.
Using them with lots of HP, equals no problems.

I do not know if the 200R will bolt up to an LS1/2 but for the
price of a phone call to Bow Tie you can find out.

I like the shift points of the 1-2 shift of the 200R better (less
RPM loss) and the OD is better geared for lower RPM, if economy is
in your future at all.

My 383 with the 200R is mild, only 410HP and 470# of torque, not a
great test of the trans yet. The 383 in the 700R is only 300 HP and
is milder than some LS1 motors. But they are both rated for 500

If you want to race mostly and do not care about OD, use a beefed
up 400 or even a race ready Powerglide with a big motor.

Most of the quality trans of either type can be obtained for around
2K, plus the torque converter, sometimes. Buy from a shop with a
great PROVEN reputation, use a large quality trans cooler and run
the trans cooling through the radiator first. Keeping the trans
fluid cool is essential to long life in the transmission.–
The original message included these comments:

one that’s BUILT. Seems like for 2Kish you can have your
tranny in my car with it’s current gutless 200HPish engine.

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