[Lumps!] Re: [xj] Pressure Bleeding, (was Charlie's Brakes....)

Pressure bleeding is a process where

  1. A special cap is put on the reservoir
  2. The reservoir is fed a constant supply of pressurized brake fluid,
  3. Bleeders are opened, and the fluid is forced thru the system.

This forces out contaminants, and air,
as opposed to the normal gravity bleed.
where when the pedal is released,
contaminants not forced out on the first bleed,
can move back to their original position.
It is quicker, and IMHO more efficient,
and doesn’t allow air to become sucked back
into the system accidentally,
and allows bleeding to be performed
by one person. (pedal pumping unnecessary)

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Charlie wrote:

Hi All,

Then he suggested that we pressure bleed .
That did it. Still no air, but now a nice hard pedal.

Hi Charlie,

What’s Pressure Bleed??? By the way do you want pictures of the
standard ignition amplifier taken apart for an new GM style module being
inserted??? That’s this week-end’s project. Some people have
roses, some people have stamps, some people have model trains. I prefer



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