[Lumps!] rear end dolly

Morning Chip and Mike,

I sent Mark Chiampi some GIF’s of the dolly I used to remove/install the
rear end. Maybe you can get with him about putting it somewhere in the Lump
page. It made it a whole lot easier for me when I put it back in when I did
mine. I just used a small 2-2/4 ton floor jack to raise and lower it. Then
just rolled it out and back in afterwards.
Got the Edelbrock 1904 carburetor put on my engine. Runs a lot better now
than it did. It still needs some tweaking on the timing and carburetor
settings but what a improvement over the RATTY Qjet that was on it.
Can only drive it during the day time since my tail lights and running
light have quit (Yes, I checked all the fuses). I have the new wiring
harness I got from Painless Wiring and will be starting on it this weekend.

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