[Lumps!] Subject Paint Jobs

Mike, doing your own body work is a very good idea. And with the myriad of
great how-to books available today it should be a relatively easy job. But,
if you run into an area that is badly dented from a wreck or hitting a post
or the like, take it to an expert and competent auto body person, it doesn’t
have to be a shop! In our British Car Club we have at least 10 people who are
members and love to get and do the extra work, which they do at home or after
hours. Or …do like I did, pay the shop owner to let you use (rent) their
tools (a gear puller and an Arbor press cost me 2 cases of Budweiser) for the
time it took to do the springs and front suspension. Note: Beware of any info
they offer after 1st case has been consumed. This payment also included the
use of the air compresser, and grinders and air tools. Remember the motto:
Less is Better. when you use body filler. Do as much smoothing of the metal
work before applying as little “Bondo” as possible. The trick is to end up
with a body with hardly any “Bondo” at all! Good luck, and remember the $ you
save on body work you can and will spend somewhere else. Good Luck! Albert