[Lumps!] To Lump Or , Not To Lump - my input

Mixed emotions here; my car was just fine until the compression went
bad, oh not really, the oil leaks on my driveway were a real pain. On
the one hand you can keep on going by replacing the smog pump (I sold my
used one for $24.50 on Ebay) and fixing the A/C (I sold my good
compressor for $36.00 on Ebay) However, based on my experience you are
living on borrowed time, my car has had two XJ6 engines with mileage of
141K. The $4,000 conversion quote sounds good, but that depends on what
you will be getting. You need to get more details on that. e.g. what
engine and transmission, from where and how many miles on them, what
kit, what about the radiator and if it will be a fuel injected engine
who’s harness, and what about the speedometer and speed sensor. Where
is the exhaust manifold coming from and does the price include the
exhaust? Maybe you should buy the book on Chevrolet conversions from
Jags that Run so you will know the questions to ask. Another
alternative is to sell your car and buy a lump. I think I saw two of
them for sale today in the on line Recycler. Might be a lot less

I have only had mine lumped now for a month or so, so I am still on a
high. Hoever, I have been reluctant to take a trip in it, because I am
afraid the Jag rear end will go out; that is the only thing left to die
and leave me stranded. But the car starts quick, passes most anything,
sounds nice, handles great and the drive train is new car clean, no oil
leaks anywhere.

87 XJ6VDP/5.7 TPI-700R4 Dual Cats