[Lumps!] Various

To John, you may publish my name as a S1 owner.

To Diane, I have given the return line some thought. I think that if you
pull the sender unit from the wheelwell and have a fitting brazed on, it
could be used as the return line. I also think that using the original hard
line as the return line and bending up a new, larger fuel line makes sense
at this point.
J.C. Whitney sells a six port valve that is perfect for this conversion.

To Bruce, A single Holley 600 will be plenty of carb for your 350. For
heads, consider the Vortec units, much cheaper ($420 in the US) and produce
more power than other iron heads and cost way less than Alum. Be careful
matching up parts, you want this to be smooth and powerful. Nothing IMHO is
worse than a car that bogs off the line, only to then cut in with a bang
when you are not expecting it.

Jim McGrath '70 XJ6 350/700 '82 XJS 350/350