[Lumps!] Windshield gasket replacement report

Finally got my cat back today after getting the windshield gasket replaced.
As I previously reported, we elected to have an experienced shop install the
new gasket rather than do it ourselves. Our reason for replacement aside
from the cracks and ugly looks of the well weathered original is the
repeated baptism of my feet after a strong rain. I believe the water came
in through the gap where the seam (bottom center) of the gasket had split.

Everything looks good, the windshield molding is all back in place w/o any
untoward bulging or unsightly gaps. I haven’t had time to douse it with a
stream of water yet, but the shop guarantees (lifetime) it against leaking,
so if it does, back to the shop it goes.

Now having seen their work and reasonable prices, I would recommend this
shop to others in the Dallas, TX area who are considering the same type
work. One caveat, though-your total cost will be much less if you bring
your own new gasket/locking strip. The shop has been buying their stuff
through a local Jag dealer and marking up their cost, of course. They do
not have a problem w/customers bringing their own materials for this type

Anyone interested in specifics please let me know offlist.


79 XJ-S w/fully sealed windscreen (hopefully)